In order to clear my brain and try and get all these ideas down onto paper and into action i thought it would be an idea to sort the workroom out – fresh start for feb….. all started well, well, kind of now it looks like a complete bomb site! while i am sure there is method in my madness, i can’t see it at this moment! so in order to re-group, i thought i’d have a cuppa and have a quick check or the emails and alas, i am here now! Oh how easily i get distracted!

However, i have made a master piece for mollys room this afternoon, took all of 2 minutes too! I found an old butterfly garland i’d been given for xmas a couple of years ago, and unfortunately where it had been hanging in the workroom, it was looking a bit sad! Ah ha! i thought, took it into mol’s room and wrapped it round her plain white lampshad, looks so cool! i’m well chuffed! and as they are on clear wire it kinda looks like they are flying – well i’m sure to an 8mth old baby they would anyway!!
she seemed impressed!! lol!!

right, better get to it, there’s a huge pile of buttons on the floor waiting for me to pick them up – whoops butterfingers!
laters amigos!


well, if anyones reading this – well firstly thank you and secondly, if you were wondering, i’m back after a bit of a break! Since my last blog i have become a mum, it’s the most amazing thing ever, and she, my little lovely molly peanut, (as she’s known!) is amazing!
So as you can imagine, there’s bee a few changes to my life and sparkly pink designs! Most obviously is my sudden change of direction towards all things baby/toddler like! My favourite at the moment are the fab felt shoes, i love the look of them, but i also absolutely love making them as they are so cute! I’m quite excited at the moment about the little dresses i’m making, however we’ve had to go back to the drawing board already as i managed to get molly stuck in one! (don’t panic, it was only for a couple of sec’s, she’s not wearing it still – bless her, unfortunately the pattern i had made was a little too small for her, i’m sure she had a big growth spurt that week!! lol!!) i’m sure she’ll appreciate all this when she’s a bit older!

As well as all the baby shinanigans and stuff, i have also ventured into the world of cake stands. Inspired by my other halfs ability to eat so much cake and also my love of all things vintage, i have been looking out for vintage plates for the last few months and we finally put them all together last week – i have to say, and yes i’m biased, but they look pretty cool – though i cannot decide which one i want to keep for our house!

got a few events coming up soon, so it’s all quite exciting at the moment!
The first one for this year is the Originate creative and vintage fayre, in fltwick on the 12th of dec, followed by the hitchin craft and farmers market on sat the 26th of feb…. better get back to the sewing machine!


3 tier cake stand

more tea vicar?

Another beautiful addition to our range of sleep masks. This is my favourite of the lot, pink, frilly and just beautiful. Whether you can’t sleep, travel regularly or just want to look beautiful while asleep then a sleep mask is for you.

There are so many masks there is a style for you I am sure if you just look you’ll find the one for you. There’s a hundred and one stores to buy one so don’t hold back go out and get one, here’s a good place to start.

For more inspiration for sleep masks go to our store www.sparklypinkdesigns.co.uk

Enjoy x

Cool Baby Bibs

Bibs. Every baby needs one, every mum keeps a spare in their bag, every aunty buys one that’s a little special that get’s hidden at the back of the draw. There are many types of baby bib, simple terry cloth, wipe down oilcloth, bow ties to Velcro they all do the job don’t they?

Why so boring? Take the opportunity to make your kids the funky fashion icons that they should be. Start with cool baby bibs!

For more inspiration for baby bibs go to our store www.sparklypinkdesigns.co.uk

Enjoy x

Sparkly Pink Designs

I thought I would show and tell a few of my favorite cushions at the moment. All from our store I really think that they really show what we are about, kitsch accessories and kitsch homeware using materials that aren’t often used to make cushions. So if you are looking for something different then I think you may like one of these or something from our online store.

For more inspiration for sofa cushions go to our store www.sparklypinkdesigns.co.uk

Enjoy x

Sparkly Pink Designs

Kitsch and Retro Defined

I learnt something today. Being a huge fan of kitsch and retro things I thought I’d educate myself and actually see what Kitsch and Retro actually meant (starting to sound stupid here I know).

Well here are a few definitions:

  • Kitsch – a term is also used more loosely in referring to any art that is pretentious to the point of being in bad taste, and also commercially produced items that are considered trite or crass. (wikipedia.org)
  • Kitsch – Sentimentality or vulgar, often pretentious bad taste, especially in the arts (thefreedictionary.com)
  • Retro – a term used to describe, denote or classify culturally outdated or aged trends, modes, or fashions, from the overall postmodern past, (wikipedia.org)
  • Retro – A fashion, decor, design, or style reminiscent of things past (thefreedictionary.com)

So, I’m a fan of pretentious, vulgar, outdated commercially produced crass rubbish, Hmm.

I am happy to stick my neck out and say yes to that, spirits slightly dampened but I am still a keen advocator for everything kitsch and retro. I believe that the world of kitsch isn’t as tasteless as the dictionary would have us believe or we wouldn’t have the likes of Cath Kidson making a mint. I wouldn’t have set up my own business either and am very proud of my kitsch homeware and kitsch accessories shop.

So all you die hard kitsch and retro fans unite and buy into the kitsch and retro lifestyle or at least post a comment to let me know you care.

Enjoy x

Funky 50's Cowgirl Cushion Howdy, this is my first ‘blog’ if you are into all things kitsch, retro and funky stay tuned and share your thoughts.
I’ve just set up my new on-line business and I am just so excited that I wanted to tell everyone about it – that’s EVERYONE!!!

Not just that I’m also going to use these lenses to also talk about my favourite subject, me. Only joking, its time to get serious about the things I love, and that all things kitsch and retro.

When I was studying I was going to call my first business NaTac just beceause I loved all things pink, shiny and tacky. I guess it’s still a bit true but I think I’ve matured a bit and though there are a few things pinkish and a bit shiny but I think its all coming together.

I’m trying to create a lifestyle, albeit a kitsch one, for everyone to enjoy. If I could furnish my house with all things kitsch then I would and I think you all should consider the same. My new site really reflects what I’m about so please visit, join the revolution and stay tuned to the installments on Na’s World of shopping for kitsch homeware and accessories!

Enjoy x